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Welcome to PPMS
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Please make sure you or your supervisor have discussed your project with Sydney Mass Spectrometry before continuing.

Contact if required.

If you wish to access another facility such as the CPC or the Brain and Mind Centre:

STOP. Please use the drop down menu in the top right to switch to the facilities you would like to access.

When fill out an account creation request please answer all the questions in the online form. For clarification please note these definitions:

University ID # / Security card #: for USyd staff or students this is your staff or student number. If you are external, type in your institution name. Nb, if you are at an affiliated institution (e.g. Centenary, HRI, WIMR, Kolling, Woolcock etc) you will need to obtain a USyd ID before submitting an application.
Access expiry date: planned thesis submission date, end of your contract or approx. end of project date.
Nationality: optional.


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