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PPMS accounts on this system are used by the following facilities: Sydney Mass Spectrometry (SydneyMS), Charles Perkins Centre (CPC), Brain and Mind Centre (BMC), Sydney Informatics Hub (SIH), Laboratory Animal Services Behavioural Hub (ABF).

If you have a PPMS account that does not work anymore or may have been deactivated, please do NOT fill out this form, please contact an administrator for assistance: SIH facility, email:michele.collins@sydney.edu.au, phone:+61 2 8627 6553.
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The University and individuals have obligations under the Autonomous Sanctions Act 2011 (Cth) and Regulations (which support and supplement The Charter of the United Nations At 1945). The legislation establishes a framework for the implementation of sanctions by the Australian Government. The legislation targets the provision of services, including for example, any technical advice, assistance or training, the University may provide to students, affiliates or visitors from countries subject to Government sanctions, and sanctioning them undertaking research or other educational activities where it necessitates the University providing technical knowledge and training that would benefit that country in, for example, the manufacture, maintenance or use of certain controlled dual use and military goods and technology.

Please note that any responses to this account creation form may be used by the University to assess its compliance with Australian laws. For further information, please visit the University's webpage at: http://sydney.edu.au/research_support/government/sanctions.shtml or contact the Core Research Facility Manager.

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